VW Transporter wrap-up


We returned the hired campervan to Oxcampers on Monday morning and a quick return process was followed by the refunding of our £500 security deposit.

I would recommend this company for any campervan hire requirements.

Now to the camper van. Are we going to buy one and use it as a towcar for our caravan? That’s a very good question and fortunately not one we can answer at this point in time. Not that it’s relevant because there simply are no Transporter vans (new) to buy and allegedly the order book is presently closed to new orders whilst VW sort out production issues.

Will we go down this route when / if supply problems recede?

Well, feedback from some questions posted on Facebook groups have allayed our fears that the 150PS version could be under-powered. Also we have seen numerous pictures of a Transporter campervan towing with a bike rack on the tailgate so there is enough room to turn without snarling caravan and rack.

On the plus side, the campervan was everything we expected. It’s perfect for a long weekend off-grid and probably good for a week or two touring with decent site facilities. The Rock and Roll Bed would need additional comfort measures to be serviceable. The upper bed in the SCA roof likely the same comment. This would be a great space in summer, avoiding the need to convert the main bed.

If we do go down this route, we presently have three preferred options (subject to availability!):

  • A conversion by Hillside Leisure
  • A conversion by OxCampers
  • A factory produced VW California

There is little to choose between the two conversions above so it would be decided on price. The main benefits of the Hillside leisure conversion were underslung water and waste tanks, hot water and a fancy food cupboard in front of the fridge.

The water availability in the Hillside leisure conversion is fine but hot water is only when hooked up to 240V and with a tiny sink, just how much water can you carry before it’s no longer fresh? So “nice to haves” but probably not key in a small van conversion.

The VW California is an interesting option. We had a tour of one at the Wharfedale CMC site by its owner and it had some really neat features:

  • Outside chairs attached to the tailgate
  • An outside table stows away in the door panel
  • Better storage overall
  • Looks like a more comfortable bed arrangement
  • Fixed pull-out awning

But do they justify probably an extra £10k of investment…