Pairing a new Key Fob


Our caravan is presently in storage and the storage company retain a set of keys.

As we like to tour with two sets of keys, I managed to purchase an extra set of caravan keys, Alko wheel lock key and a new Sargent AS310 key fob. It’s taken a while for me to sort out the keyfob but I finally got around to calling Sargent today and they told me what to do.

It’s as follows:

  • Remove the two screws on top of the Alarm control unit
  • Remove the horizontal bolt
  • Move the battery out of the way
  • On the circuit board is a micro-switch. Press this once and release. It doesn’t need to be held pressed as this likely resets other things
  • The blue light is illuminated and at that point, press the Alarm On / Off button on the key fob. The blue light flashes and the new fob is now paired.
  • Apparently there is a maximum of 4 keyfobs which can be paired at any one time.

The hardest part was locating the tiny learn button. In the end I phographed the circuit board and zoomed-in. You can do the same on the attached image below. Just click on the image itself for a full size photo.

Sargent AS310 circuit board