Eurotrip 9, 2022 – Trip Summary

20th January 2022Woodbury, East Devon
20th January 2022Dockside, Portsmouth Harbour125 miles / 4.0 hrs
22nd January 2022Camping Caceres, Caeres352 miles / 8.0 hrs
23rd January 2022Camping La Rosaleda, Conil de la Frontera252 miles / 6.0 hrs
25th March 2022Camping Monfrague296 miles / 7.0 hrs
29th March 2022Camping El Helguero, Comillas, Santander318 miles / 6.5 hrs
01st April 2022 Smallcombe CL Site, Rattary 23 miles / 1.0 hrs
02nd April 2022Woodbury31 miles / 1.0 hrs

2021 UK Post Lockdown England Tour II Trip Summary


I am trying to catch up with some of the Trip Summaries. This one was from earlier this year, including my 60th Birthday – the relentless march of time…!!! It wasn’t supposed to be spent on a Campsite!!!!

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2021 Post Lockdown England Tour II

DateLocationGrid Reference
16th June 2021Woodbury, East Devon
16th June 2021High Onn CMC, Church Eaton, Staffordshire52.81733 -2.25021
17th June 2021Buxton CMC, Grin Low Road, Buxton, Derbyshire53.24560 -1.92857
28th June 2021Anita's, Mollington, Oxfordshire52.12599 -1.35513
7th July 2021Bladon Chains CMC, Woodstock, Oxfordshire51.83825 -1.34094
11th July 2021Sunnydale Farm, Hamble, Hampshire50.88573 -1.34141
16th July 2021Woodbury, East Devon

Mileage chart…

StartEndMileageTime (approx.)
WoodburyHigh Onn CMC1844.5 hours
High Onn CMCBuxton CMC572 hours
Buxton CMCAnita's1191.5 hours
Anita'sBladon Chains CMC221 hour
Bladon Chains CMCSunnydale Farm, Hamble792 hours
Sunnydale Farm, HambleWoodbury 1153 hours

Eurotrip 8, 2020 – Trip Summary


Eurotrip 8, 2020 – Summary
12th January 2020Woodbury, East Devon
12th January 2020Dockside, Portsmouth Harbour125 miles / 4.0 hrs
14th January 2020Camping Bonterra Park, Benicassim401 miles / 9.0 hrs
4th February 2020Camping Cuevas Mar, Palomares, 2020285 miles / 6.0 hrs
7th February 2020Camping Valle Niza, Benijafare171 miles / 3.5 hrs
11th February 2020Camping La Roselada, Conil-de-la-Frontera153 miles / 3.0 hrs
20th March 2020 Camping Olympia, 387 miles / 10.0 hrs
21st March 2020Aires de St Ledger, Saintes498 miles / 9.0 hrs
22nd March 2020Black Horse CMC488 miles / 12.0 hrs
23rd March 2020Woodbury235 miles / 6.0 hrs

Eurotrip 7, 2018 – Trip Summary…


The trip map will evolve as we progress during the trip.

Eurot Trip 7 Summary Picture 2018-03-27…

DateLocationGrid Reference
28th January 2018Bishops Green51.3641987, -1.2799287
30th January 2018Camping Caceres, Caceres39.4892, -6.41221
01st February 2018Camping La Rosaldea, Conil de la Frontera36.2932, -6.0953
15th March 2018Camping Valle Niza36.72032, -4.16487
23rd March 2018Camping Despenaperros38.343113, -3.535522
24th March 2018Camping Madrid Arco Iris40.3825, -3.90978
25th March 2018Camping Fuentas Blancas, Burgos42.34138, -3.657499
26th March 2018Bilbao43.351742, -3.069903
28th March 2018Bishops Green51.3641987, -1.2799287

Mileage chart…

StartEndMileageTime (approx.)
Bishops GreenPortsmouth Harbour601.5 hours
Puerto de BilbaoCamping Caceres3897 hours
Camping CaceresCamping Rosaleda2506 hours
Camping RosaledaCamping Valle Niza1603.5 hours
Camping Valle NizaCamping Despenaperros1804 hours
Camping DespenaperrosCamping Madrid Arco Iris1653.75 hours
Camping Madrid Arco IrisCamping Fuentas Blancas165
Camping Fuentas BlancasBilbao Port973.0 hours
Portsmouth HarbourBishops Green601.5 hours


Eurotrip 6, 2017 – Trip Summary…


The trip map will evolve as we progress and plan our ideas. Where we have semi-booked sites we will add them to the map as specific references to those sites. Where we list just a town, that’s an intention of where we might have a stopover.

We will have too many stops for Google Maps so have split the journey into two.


Stopover points…

And the return…

DateLocationGrid Reference
07th May 2017Bishops Green51.3641987, -1.2799287
09th May 2017Black Horse CMC site, Folkestone51.1328878, -1.581282
10th May 2017Camping Prumtal, Oberweis49.9588889, -6.4244444
12th May 2017Camping Lech, Augsberg48.4375, -10.9293055
14th May 2017Camping Bad Ossiachersee, Lake Ossiach46.6556667, -13.8920833
20th May 2017Camping Polidor, Porec45.19028, -13.60248
3rd June 2017Autocamp Peros, Nin44.23001, -15.17262
25th June 2017Camping Jezevac, Krk45.01885, -14.56669
30th June 2017Camping Bled, Lake Bled46.36140, -14.08027
5th July 2017Camping Auwaldsee, Ingolstadt48.754170, -11.462770
6th July 2017Camping Haide, Heidelberg49.40154, -8.77919
7th July 2017Prümtal Camping, Oberweiss49.9588889, -6.4244444
8th July 2017Camping St Louis, Autingues50.838223, -1.976773
9th July 2017Somewhere near Bishops Green...51.36, -1.27

Mileage chart…

StartEndMileageTime (approx.)
Bishops GreenBlack Horse CMC1283 hours
Black Horse CMCCamping Prumtal3069 hours
Camping PrumtalCamping Lech3099 hours
Camping LechCampingbad Ossiachersee2446 hours
Campingbad OssiacherseeCamping Polidor1615 hours
Camping PolidorAutocamp Peros2416 hours
Autocamp PerosCamping Jezevac2005 hours
Camping JezevacCamping Bled1344 hours
Camping BledCamping Auwaldsee2666 hours
Camping AuwaldseeCamping Haide1795 hours
Camping HaidePrümtal Camping1514 hours
Prümtal CampingCamping St Louis2676 hours
Camping St LouisNorth Hampshire1503 hours


Eurotrip 4 and 5, 2015 – Trip Summary…


Eurotrip 4 and 5 Summary...

Eurotrip 4 and 5 Summary…


Stopover points…

DateLocationGrid Reference
21st February 2015Ashford Hill
21st February 2015Cap Finistere. Portsmouth to Bilbao
23rd February 2015Camping Caceres, Caceres39°29'18"N 6°24'45"W
24th February 2015Camping Rosaleda, Conil de la Frontera36°17'34"N 6°5'45"W
17th April 2016Camping Los Escullos, Los Escullos36°48'24"N 2°4'53"W
3rd May 2016Camping Isabel Reina, Granada37°7'28"N 3°35'12"W
9th May 2016Camping Internacionale Aranjuez, Aranjuez40°2'31"N 3°35'58"W
11th May 2016Camping El Astral, Tordesillas41°29'45"N 5°0'17"W
16th May 2016Port at Bilbao41°29'45"N 5°0'19"W
18th May 2016Ashford Hill

Eurotrip 3, 2015 – Trip Summary…


The trip so far…

Stopover points…

DateLocationGrid Reference
21st April 2015North Hampshire A&E
21st April 2015Rookesbury Park Caravan club site
22nd April 2015Cap Finistere. Portsmouth to Bilbao
23rd April 2015Camping Don Quijote, Salamanca40.97515N 5.60424 W
24th April 2015Camping Caceres, Caceres39°29'18"N 6°24'45"W
25th April 2015Camping Rosaleda, Conil de la Frontera36°17'34"N 6°5'45"W
11th May 2015Camping La Aldea, El Rocio37°8'32"N 6°29'24"W
17th May 2015Camping La Bella Vista, Estepona36°20'47"N 5°14'3"W
24th May 2015Camping La Campina, La Guijarossa37°37'21"N 4°51'33"W
29th May 2015Camping Los Batanes, Ruidera38°56'13"N 2°50'50"W
5th June 2015Camping El Astral, Tordesillas41°29'45"N 5°0'19"W