We are Joe and Moe – well, those are actually our pseudonyms – and a very warm welcome to our home from home.

Our caravan is a 2015 vintage Swift Sterling Eccles Ruby SE. As you may discover as you make your way through our blog, she hasn’t been entirely trouble-free – but our van is comfortable and suites us perfectly for our travels.

Our 2015 Swift Sterling Eccles Ruby SE

She has always been towed behind a Kia Sorento, the current one being the black version below.

Kia Sorento KX-3

Here is a diary and blog from our Caravan trips around the UK and mainland Europe. We hope you find some of the information useful and of interest when it’s time to plan your own adventures. We’ve also added a bunch of informative pages and blog entries about the various problems, fixes and enhancements we’ve carried out.

You can access everything on the website using the menu structure on the left. Alternatively if you are using a table or phone, you may find a + button which will expand the structures.

You may also see a button with 3 horizontal lines which will access the menu structure.

The two main sections are the Campsite Reviews and the blog from our main trips. Many of the earlier trips aren’t fully transposed yet onto the website but we’ll get there over time.

If you have any specific questions, and wish to get in touch then do drop us a mail at caravanrambling@gmail.com.

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