Waste Water pipe solution


There’s nothing more infuriating than arriving at a top site with fully serviced pitches, only to find your water or water waste doesn’t reach the services.

That happened to us at Camping Polidor recently as we had manoeuvred the van into a very tight pitch and needed a good 12m of waste hose. Although we carry two lengths of standard tubing (I think it’s nominally around 28mm in diameter) – in total about 8m, it’s very bulky and takes up a lot of space in the front locker.

After running the waste into the hedge for a few days whilst we visited the local camp shops for additional pipework, we were advised by the last shop to visit the local Elstar Electro Centar. Not knowing what we were to find, it turned out to be some kind of electrical wholesaler and the staff were more than helpful. Armed with the standard ribbed tuning (which they had in stock) we settled for some 20mm tubing – ribbed on the outside but smooth on the inside.

We purchased 15m of the stuff for about 9 GBP and made up two lengths, adapting to the standard tubing by sealing with silicone. One length is 10m the other 5m. It rolls up really easily and we will be able to discard the standard tubing.

A couple of pictures below and it’s in action at Autocamp Peros at this very moment. No issues with throughput!

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