2021 UK Post Lockdown England Tour II Trip Summary


I am trying to catch up with some of the Trip Summaries. This one was from earlier this year, including my 60th Birthday – the relentless march of time…!!! It wasn’t supposed to be spent on a Campsite!!!!

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2021 Post Lockdown England Tour II

DateLocationGrid Reference
16th June 2021Woodbury, East Devon
16th June 2021High Onn CMC, Church Eaton, Staffordshire52.81733 -2.25021
17th June 2021Buxton CMC, Grin Low Road, Buxton, Derbyshire53.24560 -1.92857
28th June 2021Anita's, Mollington, Oxfordshire52.12599 -1.35513
7th July 2021Bladon Chains CMC, Woodstock, Oxfordshire51.83825 -1.34094
11th July 2021Sunnydale Farm, Hamble, Hampshire50.88573 -1.34141
16th July 2021Woodbury, East Devon

Mileage chart…

StartEndMileageTime (approx.)
WoodburyHigh Onn CMC1844.5 hours
High Onn CMCBuxton CMC572 hours
Buxton CMCAnita's1191.5 hours
Anita'sBladon Chains CMC221 hour
Bladon Chains CMCSunnydale Farm, Hamble792 hours
Sunnydale Farm, HambleWoodbury 1153 hours