Specialized Crosstrail elite conversion to ebike…


I purchased the Dillenger 250w Street Legal kit from Dillenger electric bikes in the UK. For around £30, they despatched it to our campsite at Camping Roselada in Conil de la Frontera via DHL.

Delivery was an impressive 4 business days and the product was well packaged and everything was complete.

Dillenger Street Legal Kit…

It was on special offer at £599 and with a 13aH battery, offers up to 100km of assisted riding. I also added a torque arm conversion kit which protects the front forks from damage from the motor torque.

I haven’t added a step-by-step guide but will take a few pictures in due course.

It was a straight forward process, summarised as follows.

Swap over the front wheel. Be careful that the tyre is installed and turning in the correct direction and also that the wheel is installed with the electric cable exiting from the right form, as viewed from the bike seat.

In hindsight I would have bought a new high end tyre as fixing punctures will be slightly more difficult. I did have spare inner tubes so popped a new one in.

Next up was the LCD controller followed by the thumb throttle. The thumb controller required the removal of a handle bar grip and also some re-arrangement of the accessories.

The Pedal Assist Sensor was an easy add, being a split unit which clips around the left hand crank. The magnets create an induced electric current in the separate sensor and this triggers the main motor.

The battery frame replaced my water bottle and utilised the same screws.

Last to be fitted was the 2 manual brake sensors which cut assistance when a brake is applied.

Everything went smoothly and the conversion took about half a day. The results are impressive and I’ll update the post with distance achievements over time.

Electrified Bike…

I am going to need to abandon my little wireless trip  computer because the motor appears to interfere with the wireless signal between the sensor and control unit.